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Welcome to a site dedicated to prayer. It is our honor to pray with you and for you!
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About Us is a website created sole for the purpose of providing prayerful support for those who are facing a crisis.
About Us...

Are you in the Midst of a Storm?

They come in different shapes and sizes. It may be a pending divorce, a cheating spouse, or a wayward child. A doctor has just  given you bad news or hospice has been called in for your loved one. Your job is in Jeopardy or life has become too burdensome. You've tried every counselor, financial adviser, lawyer, doctor, and friend. So what now?


If if you're like me, what I should have tried first, I left for last. Calling upon my savior for his love, strength, hope, and yes, healing. He still heals. It may be physical, emotional, or spiritual healing but he still does it everyday. It will be our honor to pray with you and for you. Just  one favor. Let us know when and how GOD answers your prayer.

What is prayer? Prayer is our direct line with heaven. Prayer is a communication process that allows us to talk to God! He wants us to communicate with Him, like a person-to-person phone call.

God has offered to answer the prayers of his children (those who have received him into their lives and seek to follow him). He asks us to take any concerns to him in prayer and he will act upon it according to his will. As we deal with difficulties we are to cast our cares on him and receive from him a peace that defies the circumstances. The basis for our hope and faith is the character of God himself. The better we know him, the more apt we are to trust him.

The first prayer God answers is your prayer to begin a relationship with Him.



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